ELI-J is a music minister, music and video producer, vocal coach, presenter, and a content creator with an offbeat sense of style. His deep passion for God and excellence sets him apart. He is also known as Whitegod because he exemplifies the holy, pure, and perfect life of a Christian.



ELI-J and the kids is a special ministry inspired by the Holy spirit solely for spiritual and moral development of children via entertainment.


Eli you need to know that your song somebody knows alone has saved about over 60 teenagers from suicide in the past year. When you wrote that song, God was with u. For a song to take effect on young people by the words in the song, only God can do it. I thank my Father in Heaven for you to write such a great song... you're a great man of God. God bless you abundantly.

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Mrs Taddles (Australia)

Thank you Eli-J. You make me visualise our life in heaven each time I listen to you. I love you and God bless you and increase you every blessed day of your life. Divinity is real people! Let's be encouraged in the Lord. Let's not lose hope. Shalom everyone !

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Patience Fai

Thank you Eli-J for allowing the sounds and melodies closest to God's heart flow through your voice. Thank you Holy Spirit this Album is a blessing.

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Joshua Ojuade

"Their hands will forget the claps but their spirits will never forget the impact... the latter will always be my focus"

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ELI-J Nigeria